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In 2002, a column stating that the Bible does not condemn homosexuality was printed in a small city paper. The premise of that editorial was that the “clobber” verses used by many persons claiming to be Christians were lines taken out of their historical, cultural, and linguistic contexts.

A series of angry letters submitted to the paper’s editor followed, and over a period of several years, the author of the original editorial responded to each, advocating for an end to heterosexist rhetoric in the pulpit and for full LGBT civil rights.

Eventually, the advocate wrote an open letter to the editor inviting the public to his talk entitled “God vs. Gays: The War That Never Was.” His invitation was followed by another inviting members of the community to stop by a festival booth in town or a fair booth in another nearby community where the cause of LGBT equality was being supported. These three written pieces sparked over 1,500 posts on a chat thread.

This book is a compilation of a portion of those threads.

On the Nature of Entrenched Prejudice

  • $8.99  129 pages

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