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“I’m telling you, boys, there are things even the Lord shouldn’t mess with.”


Tony Toscotti enters college in the mid-1960s only to learn how unjust life can be. He concludes that God is the responsible party and declares his own personal war on the Deity. A novice combatant, Toscotti soon finds himself in unfamiliar territory, coping with a Vietnam-era Army boot camp, training as a helicopter pilot, and trekking Arctic and Antarctic trails blazed by polar explorers Franklin and Shackleton—ultimately discovering an elixir he believes could be the trump card in his crusade against Yahweh.

Tony’s best friend, Randy Chesterfield, a self-described prisoner of war, chronicles the saga while being held incommunicado by government forces intent on apprehending Toscotti's secret weapon to use for their own purposes. Along the way, Randy must confront his own justification for enlisting full-force in Toscotti’s War.

$19.99 (491 pgs.) 

Toscotti's War

  • $19.99 (491 pgs.)  

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