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     When the cemetery at St. Katherine’s church is desecrated, ex-priest John Bengioni is asked to find out why.  As former assistant pastor to the parish and a prominent author in the field of occult research, John’s insights could be valuable in identifying the perpetrators and allowing the police to apprehend them quietly.  So thinks Fred Renson, chief liaison to the mayor and an old friend of John’s.  But Fred has made it clear that City Hall wants to avoid any adverse publicity.  Discretion is essential.

     Unfortunately, Bengioni has a hard time playing by the rules.  Especially when he uncovers clues that lead him to a ninety-seven year old jewel theft, the body of a recently killed art smuggler, and a talisman of incredible potency. His quest to unravel the mystery behind these phenomena will force John to question his ability to protect the people he loves, especially when he is confronted by a demonic entity of  historic proportions.


Upon the Hush of Night

  • $14.99  280 pages

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