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When John Bengioni’s fiancé, Andrea Peterson, receives an invitation to a gala dedication of the restoration of the Glen Oaks Lunatic Asylum, she is surprised to discover that she is the great grandniece of one of the founding patrons of the century-old institution. Her delight in learning about a previously unknown relative comes as a mixed blessing when she finds that her Uncle Eber was also confined as a patient there in his later years, committed due to his obsession with an ancient mystery cult dedicated to resurrecting the dead. When a murder on the asylum’s grounds becomes front-page news, John is inadvertently drawn into an investigation that may link Andrea’s long dead relative to the current situation. The main source of the problem is that the dead man doesn’t seem to be dead enough, and the killer wants to slay him again. And again, and again …

Whence Cometh the Dark

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